Copenhagen Shibari Dojo


Main dojo, headquarters of Yukinaga Shibari Do-Kai.

Chief Instructor: Yukinaga Max

Weekly training, workshops, private lessons & instructor training.


The Dojo


Copenhagen Shibari dojo was founded in 2010 and is one of the largest Kinbaku dojo in Europe.

Today Copenhagen Shibari Dojo is visited by rope enthusiasts from around the world, and besides being a weekly training center; it is also the center of major international workshops and events.

The dojo has 77 regular members who receive weekly lessons divided into different classes and levels depending on the individual’s knowledge and skills.

Besides Yukinaga Sensei, we have highly skilled instructors.

The physical as well as the mental environment is designed according to Japanese models. The rooms are nice and bright with Japanese windows and doors. There is a kitchen a living room, locker rooms, and most importantly, the gym. Also there’s a small bar where you can buy simple food and beverages. Overall a pure and wonderful atmosphere created by all the lovely people who comes here.


Skjulhøj Alle 49C

DK2720 Vanløse


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